Media – Videos and Audio

Media – Videos and Audio – From The Darkness Book

A selection of audio and YouTube videos with interviews and readings from my book.  Warning: ( Trigger ). Some audio and video content may indeed be a cause for domestic violence and abuse triggers. I would like to offer this warning before you proceed.

Soundcloud Interview: Author John James talks on experiencing domestic violence, the playlist to his book and how music helped.

Interview of Author John James, in discussion with Tish Camp on the music soundtrack to his book, his life and the impact music has on him and how amongst others, rock, pop and soul-stirring music, helped him during his experiences of a domestic abusive relationship. There are 50 + songs each poignant, strengthening or downright defiantly survivor speak, within his book From The Darkness. Available at Amazon now. John James is available for interview, as a speaker on men’s experiences of domestic violence. John James’ new book ‘Voices In The Dark’, launches in 2019 and is a collective male experience of domestic violence and abuse which will include interviews with the police, therapists, male victims of abuse and, hopefully, female abusers. – To offer your story in interview as a male victim of abuse, a female perpetrator or as a front line professional contact John James at his website or across social media below:

Website or across social media:
FB www.facebookcom/JohnJamesAuthor
and YouTube:

Tish Camp has a background in person centred counselling, a consultant on domestic violence projects, experienced in supporting male and female victims of domestic violence and abuse, is a survivor of abuse, freelance trainer, and also works in web & social media marketing with authors and in the film and music industries. She also loves Rock Music and performs as a singer, writer and poet.  Some social media links for Tish Camp:

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