BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester -Interview

I was contacted by BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester, last week ( 16th July ), and was interviewed at length about my experience of domestic violence, including some of the details of abuse I suffered, and also on my book, From The Darkness that I’ve now manged to write.

Justyn Surrell, Journalist, called me and explained radio host and presenter, Kate Justice, would be speaking with me in a few minutes.  Katie was again, very sensitive and supportive throughout the interview, and I was pleased to be given the opportunity to share my story, my experiences of domestic abuse and my hopes for the book and for the many men that still suffer in violent, and abusive relationships now.

The interview, I expect will be available in the near future and I will update this page with the link to any programme at BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester that airs it.